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Cashier's checks, Money Orders, Personal checks (3 day hold) accepted. California Residents add local tax. Gecko Ranch ships live geckos and dry goods all over the USA. Gecko Ranch is happy to export (ship outside the USA) dry goods. Sorry, no live animal export available at this time.

Gecko Ranch accepts credit cards and PayPal.
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Questions about your order? Phone Hours: Every day, 10:00am-7:00pm Eastern Standard Time (530)304-7529 or e-mail Contact Us

A 100% deposit is required on all unborn geckos or geckos to be held for any period of time.

PRIVACY POLICY: Please be assured that we will not use the personal information that we obtain from you for any purpose other than the processing of this transaction. Credit card security is one of our top priorities at Gecko Ranch. For this reason we guarantee 100% secure ordering for all of our customers.

After you place your order:
You will be contacted by Gecko Ranch and
notified of a ship date. For gecko orders see below:

Gecko Shipment
After placing your gecko order Gecko Ranch will contact
you to arrange a shipping date. If weather and your schedule
permits, we will agree to a shipping date. If there is a weather
delay I will update you weekly by e-mail to advise you of
when gecko shipping is possible. Gecko Ranch uses FedEx
overnight unless an alternative shipping method is requested.

Geckos are shipped Monday-Wednesday weekly for next day
arrival. On the day of shipment you will receive a FedEx
tracking number by e-mail. GECKOS ARE NOT SHIPPED
. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail from Gecko Ranch after placing an order often there is a problem with your e-mail such as spam filters preventing you from receiving e-mail from us. Please call Gecko Ranch at 530-304-7529 if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail regarding your order.

If there was no-one available to receive the gecko(s) my guarantee is void. Any problems must be reported immediately!


Gecko Ranch will pay for the first $100 of shipping insurance, this usually covers on time arrival only. The total covered should cover both gecko and shipping for on time and live arrival!. It is available $2.50 for each additional $100, please purchase below. Insured shipping needs to occur in certain temperatures and conditions that are only slightly more restrictive than my normal standards here, starting at 38F instead of my 30F for most geckos. Check with me for additional specifics. To collect insurance: Late arrivals must be reported in seven days, DOAs must be frozen and reported within four hours.

Purchase additional insurance in $100 increments here!!!

FedEx Gecko Additional Shipping Insurance*
Quantity Item Description Price  
Qty: order in $100 increments! $2.50

Conditional Live Arrival/Health Guarantee
All captive bred geckos are guaranteed healthy upon arrival. In case of DOA (dead on arrival) the purchaser will receive credit for the amount of a deceased gecko only for on time arrival. In case of late arrival: DOA(s) and shipping are only credited when arrival is late and insurance* has been purchased covering the amount of the shipping and the gecko(s).

Customers not paying insurance covering both shipping and gecko(s) are responsible for all shipping charges for replacement of the gecko(s).

Proper sexing is guaranteed only when specified.

I have confidence in my packing and shipping of geckos. I've
been shipping geckos all over the continental United States
since 1993 with a good track record.

About Weather Delays
There may be weather delays in the coldest and hottest parts
of the year. I do ship all year to the continental USA and
Alaska- there are breaks in the hottest and coldest periods.
I monitor the weather at the major shipping hubs and your
hometown to determine when the best time to ship is.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Federal law states that if you do not receive an internet order
within 30 days of placing the order, or by an agreed upon date
less than 30 days, you have a right to a full refund. If
Gecko Ranch is able to ship your order within the latter
agreed upon time periods and you choose to cancel your
order before the end of 30 days Gecko Ranch will charge
you a 20% restocking fee and will then refund the balance of
your payment. There is no cancellation for weather delays
as I have no control over this.

Packing geckos requires skill, weather analysis, and
knowledge of individual gecko requirements. Leopard Geckos
are very hardy and can be shipped in a variety of
circumstances. With heat packs leopard geckos can be
shipped in temps as low as 30F. With cool packs leopard
geckos can be shipped in temps as high as 90F.

In cool weather I use styrofoam "popcorn" in addition
to heat packs because this packing material absorbs heat.
In hot weather I use crinkled/strip newspaper because this
type of packing material does not absorb heat.
Please go here to see how I pack the geckos:
Shipping Clinic by Julie Bergman

Gecko Ranch only uses 40 or 60 hour heat packs by
the UniHeat. These are the superior
choice to 30-40 hour heat packs with a longer
lasting heat in case of delays. Geckos are kept
toasty with 60 hour heat packs putting out well
over 100F. These heat packs still put out considerable
heat after three days.

Current option for live
gecko shipping is FedEx overnight with UPS overnight available as a customer requested option.

FedEx overnight is $49.50 for most shipments (1-2 adult leopard geckos) larger boxes and rural areas ask for your rate.
This includes $100 insurance* for on time arrival, $5.00 box free of charge with each order, and a heat or cool pack if needed.
Additional insurance is available at $2.50 per each additional $100.

North Carolina residents may ask for a discount on FedEx overnight shipping, amount of discount will depend on individual shipment, please ask!!!

Dry goods are shipped US Postal or UPS. Dry goods export only with the exception of shipping non-CITES geckos to Hamm, Germany.

Shipped Priority US mail, $5.75 for the first book. There may be additional charges for more than one book.

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