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"The Leopard Gecko Manual
(includes African Fat-tails) review I wrote in 2000!

Here's my review as posted in the Global Gecko Association List serve:

Hey fellow gexers, just got the new Leopard Gecko Manual (includes
African Fat-tailed Geckos) by Philippe de Vosjoli, Brian Viets, Ron
Tremper and Roger Klingenberg, DVM. Initial impression:


This book is a MUST have for anyone interested in leopards or fat-tails.
This book is much more comprehensive than the last edition. Sexing for
leopards is better explained, selection of a good specimen is well
covered, and housing is extremely well covered, with Philippe writing a
dazzling section on naturalistic vivarium set-up.

The breeding section is a tour de force!!!! Not only do you get info on
how to, but the research of Dr. Brian Viets on TSD and coloration
(more!) is available to you to fine tune your breeding projects. You are
even told how to set up and calibrate a home-made incubator!

Roger Klingenberg, DVM covers disease and treatment well in his chapter.
Thank you Roger for dispelling the myth that CBs are parasite free!!!!

Ron Tremper writes a chapter on color and pattern variation illustrated
by photos of mostly his own gex. He developed much of what we know as
"designer" leopards today. Speaking of photos, there are plenty of eye
popping photos throughout the book (also some snazzy fat-tails). Our own
gex lister Tim Rainwater contributed some of the photos (good job,

There is even a nice section on other interesting Eublepharine gex at
the end of the book, including Coleonyx variegatus bogerti (Arizona
Banded), C. brevis (Texas Banded), C. mitratus (Central American Banded)
Holodactylus africanus (African Clawed), Goniurosaurus (Japanese
Leopard) and Aeluroscalabotes felinus (Maylasian Cat Gecko).

I only have one small caveat for the book and that is that only the male
Fat-tail sexing photo was used. With this species it is extremely
confusing to sex these unless you have seen both. Females also have
"bulges." It would have been nice to have seen photos of both sexes side
by side to clear up this potential confusion.


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